Week 4 Update

At the start of our week 4 we felt the pressure to get "started" on the work.  After some great conversations in week 3 with our Sponsors (Tanya & Sylvette), we realized our work needed to have a Big Idea, not just tweaks to the current hiring process.  We were seeking our north star, a big idea or in Agile what would be called the Product. 

Typical Agile IT projects are started because there is a required product to be built.  In our case, we were asked to come up with the product that cuts the hiring process time in half and have better quality candidates.

On Monday, we kicked off our week with a couple of brainstorm session to forward big ideas.  Once we had a few big ideas (see attachment ), we took just one idea (Kill the Interview) and did a focused brainstorm with specific questions in order to define:

1) what you like about the idea

2) what concerns/obstacles may exist

3) what could you do to remove the obstacles.

Tuesday morning while reviewing our work on "Kill the Interview" and trying to decide how to break down the idea into chunks of work that could fit in a few sprints (2 week cycles of work).  Our consultant (Doc) helped us look at our work in a slightly different way.  Instead of only doing work on the focused idea, what if we prioritized the work across the big ideas and did pieces from each idea?   This approach would get us traction on the different components that need to exist in order to have 1 Day Hiring. 

Prioritizing work across the big ideas led us to what we would call our first Release and pilot with GID;

  • Coffee Chats instead of interviews (Kill the Interview)
  • Job Assessments - need to exist if doing coffee chats instead of interviews so Hiring Manager has additional data points/assessments on the candidates
  • 1 day background screening - would need to exist if we want to do 1 day hiring

With our Big Idea of 1 Day Hiring formulated, we spent the rest of the week breaking down the above release (our first project) into user stories.   

An example of a user story for assessments would be: As a hiring manager I would like to use an assessment tool so that I can select the best candidate for my job.  

From this user story we would break down what some of the additional stories or tasks are.

Tasks - We need to research assessments, talk to the hiring manager to understand their assessment needs, make a decision on a tool, create a guide on how to use/read the assessment as a hiring manager. 

Once we have the stories for our release, Ashley as Product Owner will prioritize the work and the team will estimate how many stories we can complete in one sprint/cycle and this first release may take us multiple sprints to complete. 

Next up - planning our first sprint!

Our Learning: That the amount of planning and discipline in Agile has been super helpful to moving us along in the work.  Agile ensures that you are thinking about those involved in the process (our customers) and that you are delivering the most valuable products to them in each piece of work that you do. This takes time, effort and focus from all of on the team - we are slowing down to speed up later.  Lots of upfront planning.

Our Win: We felt great that we gave ourselves time to come up with some big ideas and we are excited about our Big Idea and can't wait to see it come to life!