Week 1 Update

As a team we have committed to sharing out our work, learnings, wins along our journey.  
We will update Jive weekly as just one way for us to share and be transparent with our work.  We would love to hear from you (our community) on anything - feedback, ideas, thoughts, what you like about the work etc.

Week 1 - March 23rd

Our team’s first week together was amazing – a balance of hard work and fun together!  See a few of our pictures loaded to Jive to get an idea of the work and fun we had.

Here are a few headlines our team would share…

  • We got settled in our new team room – located on the 6th floor next door to Sylvette at the corner of Spear and Folsom (come by – we love visitors and always have snacks!)
  • We spent time with our key HR Stakeholders – Eric Severson, Dan Henkle, Paige DeLacey, Sylvette Sawyers, Julie Weinstein, Trish Collins, Heather Gille. 
    • Thank you Stakeholders for sharing your thoughts and ideas you have on the hiring process, we look forward to an open and continuous dialogue.
    • Curious about what we heard/learned?  Check out our notes from those meetings (uploaded to Jive; titled LT Meeting Notes)
  • We have organized all the great research and work done previously by the original Streamlined hiring team on our Box site. During our 2nd week wwill spend a lot of time reading and discussing this work.
  • Doc (our Agile consultant) trained our team on Agile methodology and we had lots of great discussions about how we are going to work and apply the agile methods and practices to our own team. 
  • We have our backlog (a list of stuff to get done!) prioritized for our 2nd week – see backlog image loaded to Jive
  • We got started on our team Charter.  The Charter includes coming up with a new project name, our team purpose, values and how we will work together and make decisions as a self-managing team. 

Community help needed: Please submit your ideas for a project name, right here on Jive OR come by our office and write it on our door. 

Our Weekly Learning: There are many great ideas and processes being tested, which everyone could benefit from trying out.  And there is a great deal of passion around the work.

Our Weekly Win: We were able to create a strong bond as a team in our first week together and we got work done too!