Week 2 Update

During our 2nd week we were left to WORK and LEARN as a team without our consultant Doc for the first time.

  • We spent time getting clear on how we will work as a team - from the tools we need to use, to what we will call ourselves. 
  • We met with stakeholders from our brands that were a part of the previous Streamlined hiring project team.  It was great to talk to them about what they were leveraging from the original project and what their current recruiting pain points are. 
  • We also had the opportunity to attend the Sourcing Forum that took place on Thurs/Fri to hear about the work happening and network with folks in our sourcing community.
  • We also had a ton of work to do in order to get organized and ready for the next 2 weeks with Doc (our consultant).

Here are a few additional highlights from our week...

  • We researched the tools we wanted to use for our team's work and made the decision to use the following;
    • Box + Box Edit to keep all of our team and project documents
    • Trello – to have our current To do/sprint priorities as a team in one place (we all had a love affair with this tool – so amazing)
    • Sprint.ly or Tiny PM - to house our User stories, we will align on which tool this week
      • What we quickly realized was that selecting the right tools would enable us to work virtually anywhere as a team (in ROWE) which is very important to us.  We also had to quickly learn how to use the toolsso one of our filters for selecting tools was to look for software that is intuitive, pretty and simple toallow for seamless collaboration no matter where we were sitting.
  • We got organized! This meant getting files organized online and digitizing the documents that had been hanging on the 6th floor walls.
    • One example of this was to digitize the hiring value stream map and we did so using Prezzi – to be posted soon.  We will continue to leverage the value stream process work as we start to pilot new solutions in hopes to cut time out of the process.
  • We completed our Team Charter. This included making a decision on our team name, purpose, values, elevator pitch and our project name.
    • Team Name: HR Agile Team (external) and the name we gave ourselves…you’ll have to come by our office and see if you can figure out our secret team name
      • We felt it was important to remind folks we are a HR agile team and we also wanted to create an identity for just our team as well.
    • Project Name: Ideal Hire (we are currently working on a logo for this) – thanks for voting!
    • Team Purpose Statement: Through an Agile way of working we will deliver solutions that will organically impact our organization’s culture
    • Team Value Statement: We support and respect one another, putting our team first as we work in a fun and nimble way.
    • Elevator Pitch: We are using Agile methodology to develop a faster hiring process and deliver quality candidates to our pilot customer, GID.  As we achieve rapid results, we will organically impact our culture to focus on delivering value, quickly and effectively. 

Tell us what you think!

Our Win: We accomplished everything we set out to do this week and learned a lot about how we will work together.  Two of the best quotes I heard this week from our team were...

"I LOVE the work I am doing right now, this is so fun!"
"I didn't feel like I contributed as much yesterday",  response from fellow team member - "that is ok, because as a team we delivered a ton of work!"

Our Learning: While we had many learning's, we FAILED FAST this week!

During our first stand up of the week we had a couple folks remote and while we did commit to using Vidyo we felt the camera looking up at us from our laptops was a bit awkward and we decided as a team to sit down.  What happened...well we fell into the natural meeting feel and started talking/solving things we were working on. By the end of the meeting (40 minutes later vs. 15 minutes) we realized what had happened and committed to each other that no matter how awkward the camera or standing up felt, we had to stand up.  When you actually stand up it makes it obvious when someone talks for too long or when it becomes a conversation, a team member will inevitably call out this when it is happening.

  *Stand up meeting defined: Is a meeting that takes place daily (same time/same bat channel) and you review what you did yesterday, what you will be working on today and what is in your way of getting work done (if anything).