Week 8 Update

Last week Sally & Trisha from our consulting company, Agile Transformation, came for a visit. Agile Transformation helps companies implement Agile methodology in their business units and plan for how to scale across the company. When we first considered how Agile could be used in HR, it was difficult to find anyone who was using it outside of software development and IT functions. Agile Transformation was the first consulting company who excited about implementing Agile in HR, and had experience working with groups outside of the tech bubble. 

The most inspiring takeaway for us was to hear that we've learned, grown, and bonded extremely quickly compared to other Agile teams. They're incredibly excited to learn about the work and see how much has been done in a short period of time as we learned a completely new way of working.  They've already had a number of companies reach out to them wanting to learn how to replicate what we're doing here at Gap Inc. It was a great reminder that we are blazing trails and we have the opportunity here to be not only the first, but the industry gold standard. 

Trisha and Sally viisit our office.

Trisha and Sally viisit our office.

Each day our team is amazed at the impact working in an Agile environment has had on our careers (and yes, we do mean our careers!) Imagine a world where:

  • You have an opportunity to directly add value to your customers every day. 

  • You can dive deep into projects, re-architect, and cut out waste vs fixing what already exists.

  • Decisions are made as a team vs independently or by others.

  • The level of trust and transparency keeps you and your team motivated and excited to come to work every day.

  • Day to day work is no longer centered around email - in fact, Outlook is frowned upon.

  • You choose what you are in the mood to work on each day.

  • You know what your team is working on. You know how close you are to finishing a project at all times, you can measure how fast you work, and you can identify the exact place projects get blocked. 


We're the first in the industry to combine HR and Agile and we're already being celebrated externally for trying this. 


People are reacting to our ideas. We're interpreting this as "we're on to something".