Week 9 Update


Second Product Review Meeting

At the end of every production execution, our team holds a Product Review Meeting to demonstrate working product increment to everyone who is interested. This is a live demonstration where work can be classified as 'done', and new ideas can be incorporated into the backlog. This meeting is our stakeholders opportunity to inspect products as they emerge, and refine everyone's understanding of the work that is taking place. 

We had 5 stakeholders join us in the room and 3-5 attend via dial-in. We presented out four main products that are currently in testing:

Questions that are added to the job application that help screen candidates for required experience and/or skills. 

Candidate Matching Questions


Bringing candidates in for a 30-60 minute conversation over coffee to assess fit for role in lieu of a formal interview. Resources available here (contact us if you would like the password to access)

Coffee Chats


Partnering with Loss Prevention and our vendor to test screen a true 3-day SLA. 

Expedited Background Screens



An online tool that allowed recruiters & hiring managers to communicate and review progress of job candidates

Transparency Tool



We will continue to hold review meetings every 2 weeks.
15 minutes max. Stand up style. All questions welcome. 


A note from the team:

As with any new adventure, there comes a moment when it gets real.  You can reminisce, become frustrated and throw up your hands, or continue your journey.  This week was our reality check.  

The simple truth is that we work in Human Resources; at a retail giant.  It is difficult being one of the first to pilot Agile in a non-tech team. It is easy for people to be skeptical, and question how exactly a software development workflow makes sense in HR. We ourselves, have each gone through moments of skepticism. But we work in the cut-throat world of retail, where one misstep in trend can make or break your year. Where being 'rapid and flexible in response' is absolutely necessary to maintaining a competitive advantage. 





Why wouldn't we try and work in the most nimble and results-driven way possible? 




As we find our flow, it is becoming clear how transformative working in Scrumban,  in a self-organizing, cross-functional team can be. Improving our hiring processes is not going to be easy. It is an uphill battle trying to bring in the hottest tech talent to a retail company, especially when we are surrounded by the Silicon Valley and our neighboring buildings are Google, Amazon and Salesforce.

As we each faced this reality, we shared, discussed and supported each other through “our moments”.  And with help from our Agile Coach (thanks Doc!), we turned the mirror back to ourselves and reflected on our journey the last 9 weeks.  The truth - we have grown and changed, individually and as team.  We work differently and we will never approach work the same way again.  And we know Agile can transform work outside of the tech world.  

Now we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move forward with our work because our reality is more than an idea or notion, it is transformative.

Our Wins
Developed a basis of measuring Release #1. Prototyped coffee chats.
Planned Release #2. Rocked our second product review!


Our Learning
We can still have fun while having a bad day :).  We believe in our work. 

A weekly timeline of our work since our team came together in March 2015. 

A weekly timeline of our work since our team came together in March 2015.