Week 10 Update

Continuously Inspect & Adapt
“Inspect and Adapt” is a slogan used by the Scrum community to capture the idea of discovering over the course of a project emergent requirements and ways to improve the overall performance of the team. It neatly captures the both the concept of empirical knowledge acquisition and feedback-loop-driven learning.

We will say it over and over again…you have to meet your customer where they are, then find ways to make their lives easier.  

We spent week 10 reflecting on why our work is tougher to get adoption on than a technology product/project.   We know we aren’t creating tangible products for hiring; we are creating experiences through our hiring process.  This does mean our product is much more malleable due to customers having different pain points, experiences and viewpoints of how something should work. 

We thought this would be a great time to inspect our work from all vantage points in hopes to learn and adapt.

·        Our Customer 

o   Candidates – we wanted to hear from our recent hires into GID/Gap Tech in order to learn more about their hiring experience; what they found enjoyable and where they would like to see improvements.  (survey results coming soon)

o   Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Coordinators – we wanted to better understand what value they would place on our roadmap product features so that we can adapt our work appropriately to their current and highest value-add need.  (survey results coming soon)

·        Our Products: Testing & Measuring
Testing and measuring our work is an essential part of our process. The only way to adapt and add value is to capture data so that we (our team and our customers) can make more informed and better decisionsWe are capturing baseline data for our outlined measurements below.

o   Pre-Screening/Matching Questions (Release 1)

§  What we are testing: Currently testing role-specific questions within 2 job requisitions as part of the application process, every candidate answers the same set of questions.

§  What we are measuring:  Time it takes to screen for top candidates by Recruiter and determine if the pre-assessment questions bringing better quality candidates in for interviews.

o   Coffee Chat (Release 1)

§  What we are testing: Bring candidates in for a 1 hour casual conversation to assess for fit. Make an offer to your top candidate the same day.

§  What we are measuring:  The amount of time and number of interviews saved by doing coffee chats instead of interviews.  Candidate and Hiring Manager experience levels improve from the process being shorter and not as formal.  Are coffee chats producing better quality candidates. 

o   Transparency Tool (Release 2)

§  What are we testing: Driving clearer communications along the hiring journey between hiring managers and recruiters.

§  What we are measuring: Cutting the amount of time and emails that occur between a Recruiting team and the Hiring Manager/HRGs.  By building trust and between the Hiring Manager and Recruiter we will speed up the process and drive more accountability for all involved.

·        Ourselves:

o   As a team we completed the Agility Health Radar team assessment offered by Agile Transformation.  This gave us a good baseline on the areas that we could improve on and celebrate. (see below results)

§  Areas for Improvement: Clarity & Performance

§  Areas to Celebrate: Foundation, Culture & Leadership

o   As a team we each completed and share our career maps along with what we have learned about ourselves and how this assignment will mold us for future jobs in our career map.

o   Just as we learn about our customer, we also have learned about ourselves and how we each uniquely add value to this team. 


We are getting calls from different teams and people who want to learn more about what we are doing, want to test some of our products.  They are ready for a new and easier way!  It has been super validating to hear from people all across HR and the business that they are truly excited by our hiring ideas.  


We're an Agile project experiment, pilot, experience, test – call it what you want, but we are people trying to change the way people are working to make things better for people. That is a whole lot of variables.  You can show a customer a new and easier way, but only the customer can choose to change their mindset, their routines, their ways.  We inspect that.  We adapt for that.  We respect that.