Week 7 Update


What happens when you mix Human Resources with an Agile Workflow?

...a serious lesson in flexibility


As a HR team testing out the Agile waters for the first time, we were committed to working within a Scrum framework. We began our first sprint working in JIRA, a project management tool used by our GapTech teams for IT and software development. After completing our first sprint, we knew that we were spending more time navigating through JIRA than actually engaging in the work.  Robust, and full of functionality that was beyond the scope of our work, JIRA was bogging down our non-programming team. 

HURDLE #2:  We work with PEOPLE. 
People with meetings. People with vacation time. People with competing priorities. People who are not working in an agile flow. We knew immediately that our work needed to be more fluid as we would not be able to complete projects that had dependencies on people outside of our immediate team. 

We brought these two problems to our consultant, Doc, and agreed that it was time to switch to a Kanban workflow while maintaining our Scrum positions & ceremonies... a little thing the tech world likes to call:


Difference between Scrum and Scrumban:

Difference between Kanban and Scrumban:

As we made the switch to Scrumban, we had a moment of kismet and stumbled across the project management tool Blossom. Made to bridge the gap between software development, design, and marketing teams (and anyone else involved in the project!).... Blossom was a quick and easy way to re-focus our project in a BIG way. 

Armed with a new tool & a new workflow, we were able to quickly get back to our high-priority work. 


A little irony to hold you over until our next post: